Thursday, August 28, 2014

My own experience

Four a long time ago blimey wife and I chose to start up a new journeying without even departing home. We decided to start cladding our own food and to make our theatre to us besides us working for the Court.

We started with the farm of the home style at Olympia, Washington, home located on large lot. Approximately 1/8 acres. Courtyard garden before, adjacent to the bushes, shrubs, garden and courtyard rear arrays list. We started small and planted Hill of grass above the old cherry rotting strain.

The following year, we have really serious. Built six large raised Greens and another 15 x 30 bed of potatoes. We sow carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, pumpkins, beans and peas. Also, we split the back yard, we use wood panels, fence and ready for the day that we begin to raise chickens. And three oak seedlings have been added to the front yard. He formed the urban farm.

Add in three chicken eggs fresh, healthy, and three higher for vegetables and rainwater collection barrel, fruit from two trees, three harvests of grapes, berries are more, of course, installation of piles.

We here at "four years" with quail run again (again for clean eggs) and vegetables becoming increasingly more fruit trees. I'm currently working a rabbit cage, worm, you will add a miniature goat the next year.

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